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The Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Intelectual publishes articles, theses, news and research projects. Promoting different areas: Social Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology.

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Gain access to a wealth of resources and an extensive network that will contribute to your professional success throughout your career.

As a CIDI professional member, you will receive great discounts on conferences, events and training, as well as members-only access to award-winning, industry-leading publications and presentations.

National and International Students


Be prepared for your post-college or university career. Take advantage of resources that will help you advance your career or find a job with CIDI student membership, available to full-time enrolled students as defined by your university or college.

CIDI Benefits

The Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Intelectual provides leadership for application, education, training and development in different areas. You will also have the opportunity to publish articles, theses or research papers oriented to scientific databases, such as: SciELO and Redalyc. As well as guidance, development and advice for inventions.


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CIDI Renewal

The Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Intelectual offers different renewal and membership options.

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