editorial team

Editorial Policy Committee

Manuel Manrique

Mg. Business Administration

Rene Hinojosa

Dr. in Agricultural Sciences

Doris Goicochea

Dr. in Administration

Graciela Quispe

Industrial Engineer

Scientific Committee

Jorge Díaz Dumont

Dr. in Education

Dulio Oseda

Dr. in Educational Sciences

Giovana Serna

Dr. in Education

Keila Vilema

Mg. in Tourism

Jhonny De la Cruz

Dr. in Administration

Abimael Lopez

Master in Clinical and Health Psychology

Jessica Linzan

Master's Degree in Agrotourism and Ecological Projects

Juan Carlos Villalobos

Theatrical Director

Fabiola Cruz

Master of Science in Electronic Engineering

Associate Editors

Guido Palumbo

Mg. in Tourism

Carlos Pozo

Mg. in Strategic Business Administration

Juan Dávila


Celinda Burga

Master in Systems Engineering

Carlos Aliaga

Dr. in Administration

Gino García

Master in Marketing

Elvis Osorio

Bachelor in Tourism

Guadalupe Valiente

Tourism Marketing

Segundo Tello


Bessy Castillo

PhD in Public Management

José Palacios

Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education

Adrian Meza

Master of Business

Jesus Armacanqui

Dr. in Petroleum Engineering

Sandra Rey

Bachelor's Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management

Section Editors

María Gómez

Systems Engineer

Nilo Chuquimbalqui

Systems Engineer

Kevin Sánchez

Bachelor in Systems Engineering

Mariano Cárdenas

Bachelor in Systems Engineering

Renato Yupanqui

Bachelor in Systems Engineering

Jhonny Quispe

Bachelor in Systems Engineering

Communication and Dissemination

Jackelyn Fernández

Bachelor in Administration